Our story

Founded in 2011, Keystream has grown to become one of the UK’s leading suppliers of talent for the public sector.

Under the stewardship of founding Directors Johnny Stein and Andrew Jukes, Keystream has grown its client base from its initial London based NHS clients to operate across the UK. Keystream now works with over 65% of NHS trusts, private healthcare organisations, charities, government bodies, life sciences and  FIT tech & sports businesses.

Partner businesses

Keystream has expanded beyond recruitment with the founding of Keystream Analytics and Keystream Consulting in 2019.

Helping businesses use data to create real, actionable insights.

Outcome based delivery of entire tech transformation projects.


To become the leading and most trusted recruitment partner in our markets.


We’re an ethical business.  We believe in doing the right thing, putting our clients and contractors first, being a responsible employer and giving back where we can.  Here are our values

Collaborative & Supportive:  Delivering the best service through teamwork

Ambitious & Innovative:  Driving continuous improvement, embracing change.

Principled & Transparent:  Always acting with integrity

Quality & Service:  Proven track record, exceeding expectations


Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

We’re on a journey to challenge the way we work, making sure we build best EDI practice into everything we do.

The aim is to learn, understand and improve, creating a diverse, inclusive working culture.

Our EDI initiative is led by 3 EDI Champions from across our business, meet them here.

Working with Keystream is a truly refreshing experience; they are there when I need them and they act fast and with extreme skill, but they don’t pester me when I’m not in a position to recruit. This approach to recruitment is wonderful, client-focused and unique.

Keystream have been absolutely brilliant to work with, they always do their absolute best for candidates. Consultants are informative about the jobs they are putting you forward for. They keep in touch, but not so much as to hassle you, and respond quickly if you have queries. Overall, I would recommend Keystream – they really are very good.

In many ways, Keystreams’ brilliance lies in the things they don’t do; they don’t bombard you with contact, they don’t press the hard sell on you, they don’t overwhelm you with CV, but you can always be confident that they have picked the best ones – they don’t send people who don’t show up or aren’t right for the job.

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